The buyer reviews on Amazon listing's optimization


In the first few articles, i has introduced Amazon listing's optimization title, points, descriptions, pictures, and prices, but one more important factor is the buyer's review, which today shares some of the things you need to know about the buyer's comments.
"customer is god," this is the eternal " truth".  Amazon is a customer – centric company that respects the customer's shopping experience and focuses on commodities.  For Amazon sellers, the lifeblood of your product's success is the experience of other customers, and the lifeblood of the Moldbaby.  Therefore, review is crucial. 

"79 % of consumers trust onlinereviews as much as personal recommendations."
Extracted from search engine land

79 % of consumers believe online commodity reviews, especially written by top reviewer, with elegant, yutiao comments and better quality assurance for your products. 
The number of review and review level is one of the most important factors in the a9 algorithm. 
Very high number of comments and very high score ranked first, for best – seller; 
There is a higher number of comments, but the lower score is also best – seller, ranking second; 
The number of comments is less than the first, but the score is higher than the second highest, ranking third; 
The number of comments is higher than the previous three, but the score is low, not the best – seller, ranking fourth.

Many sellers say: of course I know the importance of review, but how can I quickly accumulate the new product?  Looking for top reviewer, let them help you write product reviews, which is certainly a good way.  Small make up also introduced the search for the top reviewer, and there is a need to remind you that it is not too urgent, because top will receive a lot of products every day, and they will be slow to comment. 

The following elements need to be considered for the promotion and accumulation of new products review:
1. Input – output ratio
New products do review accumulation, can not be not invested, but also can not be unplanned input.  How much do you plan to invest, how much is the target sales, and how long after reaching the target sales can be made back to investment; 

2. The quality of reviewer
If a sample, can solve the Amazon video review, YouTube evaluation, blog evaluation and so on multiple channels, the value of the sample is the largest.  But this reviewer is also the most difficult to find; 

3. Efficiency
To do anything we need to be efficient, you have to consider how many comments to make in how long. 

4. The request reviewer stated in the comments that his sample was free and that the evaluation was fair. 
This is consistent with Amazon's requirements and will not be considered a violation of the rules. 

Tips: for new product promotion, 10 – 20 comments are recommended, including at least 3 video reviews, 5 picture reviews, and others are more detailed text evaluations. 

Whether to comment is the buyer's freedom, Amazon can not force buyers to leave feedback.  In general, the proportion of natural leaving 4 stars, 5 stars is 2 %, the proportion of natural retention of 3 stars is 30 %. 

So, how to increase the proportion of the high praise, to reduce the proportion of bad review?  Small make up here, to provide a few suggestions:
1.Tracking letter
Send mail to the buyer to track usage, and request the other party to leave the evaluation. 

Note: when you ask for review, you should pay attention to the way, Amazon does not allow the use of lure, threat, deception and so on the wrong way to ask the buyer to give credit, serious possible closure account oh! 

2. Packaging information
The packaging provides a detailed after-sales contact method, let the buyer easy to contact; 
Make the brand website, drain to the website for after-sales service. 

3.Nice little card
In the product with a fine small card, the low cost of the card, also appears more sincere, is conducive to promote customer retention.