As a professional Amazon seller, how do you write good listing content?


As a professional Amazon seller, you need to know where the features and strengths of each product are, and a profitable product description will enable customers to buy, achieve that effect, and understand their ideas and needs from the perspective of consumers:

1. Product basic information – what is it?
What are the fundamentals that customers need to know about this product first? From the customer demand point of view to describe the basic information of the product, the information can be displayed to show as much as possible, the content description to meet: 1. the customer has the demand, want to know this; 2. reflect the high – end or scarcity of the product.

2. Product characteristics – why buy?
Select the most characteristic function of the product or the most attractive advantage, as the focus of product description, attract customers attention. From the perspective of customer demand ( buy how well, do not buy what loss ), product features, advantages ( why buy us ), and similar products, refining their own products are different from other products key selling points, which will deepen the customer's favor on our products.

In this way, when customers search for related products, it can quickly penetrate a few words, understand the characteristics of the product, and quickly know if your product meets his needs, and decide whether to buy it to you. When your text is attractive, you may well be able to persuade him to buy, or impress, as an assessment of the final purchase.

Detail optimization: title ( title ) / bullet point / product description / search term ( search )
If you are a customer, do you click on a cluttered, short or too long product title? If the product main chart is fuzzy, would you like to click view? Improper handling of these basic elements will send bad signals to consumers. The following are some of the highlights to be noted:
Title (title)
The title has a variety of different writing, summed up roughly divided into three different types of expression.
1. brand + core key words + keywords auxiliary words ( derived words )
This approach is Amazon's most approved approach, favored by Amazon's official, its advantage is to meet the Amazon's listing aesthetic standards, the disadvantage is no special highlight, the auxiliary role of the listing keywords moderate weight;

2. core key words + brand + keywords auxiliary words
The biggest difference between this writing and brother-in-law is that it begins with a core key word, brand is placed second, its advantages are obvious to be the weight of the core key words, the main thrust of the key words is more effort, the disadvantage is not consistent with the title standard of Amazon, not recognized by Amazon.

3. keywords heap / multi – core / multi – core keywords
The third way of writing is a lot of novice sellers are prone to problems, is need to be amended, this type of the most obvious place is reflected in the keyword heap, followed by a number of core keywords, and finally the keywords repeat.
A good title, first of all, is its readability, followed by ke, the most important thing for Amazon sellers is to meet the official idea. Therefore, the seller should pay attention to the following five points on the layout of the title keyword:
( 1 ) the core key words should be arranged in the front.
( 2 ) the importance of auxiliary words is arranged in sequence.
( 3 ) the readability of title is greater than the ke, and Amazon is a platform that pays great attention to the buyer experience, so the buyer experience is very important.
( 4 ) syntax error. This is a lot of foreign buyers are very concerned about a point, be sure to attract attention.
( 5 ) to prevent infringement.
Bullet point
Amazon allows the seller to create a bullet point ( including the product model and other basic information ) for the main function of the product, displayed next to the product picture. The consumer passes bullet points to know the functionality and utility of the product. Adding bullet points is also a good way to attract customers attention. The layout layout for bullet points can be divided into three points:

1. professional and non – professional layout.
First line: to introduce the product ( non – product specialization )
Line 2: introduction of products ( product specialization )
Line 3: functional ( product specialization )
Line 4: certificate certification ( product specialization )
Fifth line: products sold include ( non – product specialization )
In addition, for professional and non-professional layout suggestions: first, the brand should be prominent; Secondly, the distribution of professional and non – professional should be clear; Then, the content must be marked, without causing unnecessary trouble; Finally, it must be clear that the B2C and B2B target customers are different.

2. the repeatability of the core key words and title, in product analysis, the core key words should be repeated as much as possible, and the long tail word bullet point can be appropriately derived, and the derivative mode is mainly the board derivative mode in CPC.

3. weight analysis of bullet point keywords. Bullet point keyword sorting has no weight before and after, but still mainly with core words, long tail word derivatives. The primary role of bullet point is reflected in its product functionality.
Product description
Some sellers are content to add the list of bulleted lists and often forget to enter the product description ( below the product page ). The authoring of product descriptions can meet consumer expectations that want to see some content in the region. If your product has some unique stories, show it here! Suggest that sellers use the Amazon TXT brand description function, the ebc will make your picture look more beautiful, the product description more organized, more specific, can effectively improve the user experience, the overall attractiveness will also be improved. If you value the building of brand and reputation, the ebc will help you closer to your goal.
Search Term
Amazon sellers can directly optimize product keywords in the seller's central ( seller central ), but many sellers are puzzled by the search term adjustment, with the most prominent question focused on whether a comma or a space is used between keywords in the search term? Does the search term have to be one line? Search term fills a lot of long tail keywords, do you want to change one line? Does the keyword in search term repeat the title of the title? There are at least ten statements about the use of search. which is wrong?
In response to these questions raised by sellers, it is possible to respond in a single sentence: by Roman, the search term is not specific to a certain extent is correct, the appropriate adjustment is the most critical place, in addition, the role of the long tail of the role of the low flow, high conversion, and the role of the long tail word, is reflected in the high flow, low conversion.

Transfer the concept, let customers feel the connotation of the product
After the transposition thinking and details optimization, next we need to know how to effectively through the text, these advantages materialization, so that consumers can play the imagination, feel the product. This is to have quite a professional narrative ability, good product description, can let consumers even without seeing, but can let buyers through the text to the product visual, to attract buyers desire to buy.

A successful product description allows consumers to see something outside of the product: a future. It makes the consumer full of imagination and begins to imagine how to use this product before buying. Through the description, you want to impress the customers that you are selling more than just a product, a lifestyle and an atmosphere, what they feel is that your products can change their lives, make their lives better, and connect your products with their customers' emotions and emotions.
Whether in Amazon or other sites, high conversion comes from good content. As a seller, you need to know the potential rules of the Amazon search engine, how to create attractive listing, and so on, to maximize the click rate and conversion of goods.