The necessity and attention of Amazon sellers to optimize listing


1. what are the impacts of Amazon listing optimization ( the need for optimization )? 
In fact, the product is yourself, listing optimization is what you wear, what you wear will determine your social circle.  The impression of a person will determine your wide stage.  In business etiquette.  First impressions are the most important.  Real life and shopping websites are the same. 

The first impression is mainly based on the expression, posture, body, instrument and clothing of the other party.  First impressions are common in everyday life, and this first impression is often the basis for future engagement.  The " stigma effect" is closely related to the first impression, and the first impression is often the basis for the formation of the stereotype effect, and the stereotype effect is often the deepening and widening of the first impression. 

Your listing is not optimized, the picture is blurry, the title is wrong, bullet point does not catch the user's pain point, description is a heap of text stacking can not find the point, I am a buyer why I want to buy your product?  Even if it is the CPC burn money again.  Baby, I just don't buy it! 

In fact, it has always been thought that the optimization of listing is in the stage of selection should be made in mind and plan.  After all, the selection is a deliberate process and should be identified as its own keywords, title, picture, bullet point and description in the market research process.  It is better to go to the products in such a way.  There is nothing to do with the late addition of listing, because your listing title setting determines your exposure and purchase rate.  The suggestion is to be ready to do Amazon again, or every day is not alone warned of the CPC to spend money, this is meaningless.  This is the goddess of moyu ( Lisa ) who taught me.  In fact, the goddess is the great god. 

2. what should be noticed in the title optimization, and how to set the title? 
Pay attention to the search habits and grammar habits of the consumer groups and audience that your products face. the keywords are the most accurate. many of the child are local phrases and expressions. 

The general setting of the title is within 200 characters, concise and clear at the same time to write the key words.  Different products have different ways of writing, depending on the product.  However, generally is the first letter capital, not in the title to write the promotion price, use the English input method.  English input method is the focus, generally in the Amazon to see that the title is chaotic is the result of Chinese input method. 

In the latter part, waiguoren was employed to write.  After all, only local people really understand the culture and the characters of the local people.  Suggest to do what site to mix this country's local Facebook group, chat more days, chat more natural familiar.  Close to the user to collect user data is the positive solution. 

3. when setting up keywords, how to grasp the ratio of hot words and long tail words?  Is there any particular attention to the order of the words? 
The proportion is second.  There is nothing particular about the arrangement of the order.  Key words can be set in front of several core key words, followed by the correct long tail keywords, the wrong keywords and long tail keywords, related keywords. 

Some people do not know to add " wrong keyword ", here in detail to give a small chestnut, baby I bought myself to eat when the micro hot hill pineapple cake is always wrong, hit a warm hill pineapple cake.  But the search results are still micro – hot hill pineapple cake.  This is a case of intelligent extraction of information from the search engine.  Of course, your listing settings keywords can also add some wrong keywords to improve the exposure rate. 

4. does the product description have word limit?  Describe what important information needs to be included?  If you can, please explain with an example. 
There are word limits.  In 2000 characters.  Description of the product features, introduction.  The point is to write a description based on the user group characteristics of your product.  For example, you sell a flower skirt, the upper body design is double straps, single sling, front and rear crew neck, front and rear v – neck or zip back collar;  Do you have a belt, belt color, style is not popular in the season;  Skirts are pleated skirts, tassels, split ends, zippers and lengths, and so on.  Select your description according to the audience of your product.  For example, xiaoqingxin's skirt highlights xiaoqingxin, and sexy skirts are sexy. 

5. some people say that according to the consumption habits in Europe and America, the picture of Amazon products is not much, which sellers should pay attention to when optimizing the picture, the number of pictures is the best? 
A product. you just put a picture. who will buy it.  The seller who feels the question is completely Won't do the crime.  Okay, it's up again.  The optimization of the picture is nothing to pay attention to, is to find a professional photographer, for product characteristics to take photos.  Then the main graph is white background, and other diagrams can have a little bit of text description.  Picture optimization this piece of nothing to say, the forum is all.  The point is to have a professional photographer to take photos.  I do not professional, first impression is not good, after more than do the CPC is no use, after all, no one to click buy. 

6. buyer reviews are also a priority, and there were sellers who suggested they could look for top reviewers. is this the way to do it now?  In addition, what can improve the number and quality of review methods ( review can add pictures or even video )? 
Have an effect.  But now a lot of Chinese sellers are flocking to Amazon, and top of the us site is generally harder to contact.  The European site is still better.  The simplest way is to brush your own, bring picture and video.  The previous work is usually the first time to brush the second 30 review, do their own do QA, and then start the CPC, do VP review, do deal.  There is still a point to mention.  You do the CPC without manual setting the keyword is really burning money, please do not do such a stupid waste of money, but rather than to buy me a month of Haagen-Dazs – Haagen-Dazs. 

7. can you introduce some of the small tools related to listing optimization? 
General use of Amazon tracker, Google AdWords.  These two tools are easier to use.  Amazon tracker has a page analyzer, simple analysis of the page, very easy to use.  Google AdWords has used it.  I don't want to say more.  The most powerful tool is your eyes, and your excel form.  Take the entire ctrl + c, ctrl + v, analysis for half an hour, and then see your own listing will be miserable, and will naturally know how to modify it.