Amazon details: listing SEO ideas " keywords"

People who do amazon know that getting good ( category, search ) rankings in Amazon will bring good traffic and get more orders. 
Today is mainly about Amazon's search for some important factors in the rankings. 
Importance ordering: title – > short description – > long description – > sarch terms
The world's largest trading platform, Amazon. com, makes it the driving force of " search and discovery. ". 
When buyers search online for the goods they need and generate orders online, the process is called the transformation from access to purchase. 

Behind this process is the technology management and philosophy behind the Amazon, which connects the single product details page with the powerful search capabilities in the background. 

The power of the Amazon. com website is the " search and browse" of products.

When you sell your product to Amazon as a seller, you can increase the chances of your product being searched if you can select the key words for your product into " search terms ".  Please note, however, that you should not repeat the title / brand / manufacturer / manufacturer / bar code name of your product and repeat it in the " search terms ".  On the contrary, you as a seller, you must stand as far as possible in the buyer's position Lenovo, the buyer will search what the keywords to find the product. 

Standard product id ( UPC, ean, gtin ) so there is no need to repeat those.

This search system does not support searching for your bullets and commodity description, so if you have a key element in your description of the product, or the nature of it, you can consider placing it in " search terms ".  For example, suppose you are selling numerical shams ( pillowslip ), you should put numerical shams in titile, and " numerical" in " search terms ", a more approachable item word.

Keyword settings:
Precise positioning of its own properties
Using the third party tool to locate the heat
Continuous optimization of the quality and ranking of keywords
Update keywords for new products

1. try to optimize the search terms for all your products. 
2. use the detailed commodity name. 
3. don't repeat the keyword, if you already have " blue" in your product name, please don't write " blue" in the search keywords.  Because this does not increase the chance of your goods being searched. 
4. do not put quotation marks in search term. 
5. do not intentionally add words or brands that are not related to your product for the top of your search. 
6. the spelling of English must be correct. 
7. the words of the name of the commodity shall be arranged according to certain rules.  Like a large plush teddy bear, not a teddy bear. 
8. try not to use professional abbreviations that the buyer does not understand. 
9. when you write something in search terms,
For example, you would like to say " sterling silver inlaid natural agate pendant" you can not write this directly, or your buyer will search this long string to find you, you must write: [ sterling silver inlaid natural agate pendant ].  Note that you don't punctuate it with a space. 
10. keep trying to do the experiment, constantly adjust your product keywords, you will succeed.