Amazon listing optimization, don't lose at the starting line


Want to do an Amazon Moldbaby is not so easy, to develop products, create pages, expand traffic, and improve transformation … today we talk about the Amazon page to create the most critical first step.
Do you have any keyword research before releasing the product listing? That is to establish a product – related keyword thesaurus, and according to the importance of the key and primary and secondary distribution to the various locations of the page.
Think about it, if we didn't do keyword research, page rush online, found out a single effect, here repair repair there, will waste Amazon on your new product flow golden period, constantly changing will also make your page rank fluctuations more than. Losing at the starting line, the fast horse can not catch up.
The process of getting a new product on the shelf

First, in-depth understanding of all the attributes of the product, and competitive comparison, identify the advantages and disadvantages, set reasonable prices, potential customers to investigate, understand their core needs and pain points. Combine these basic work to take pictures, make pages, and put in appropriate categories.

The core foundation of page SEO is to do the research and layout of key words.
What is a keyword research
The Amazon search engine must match the keyword to your product page, and the customer will locate your product by keyword. When the product page contains the customer's search request keywords, the product is likely to be displayed directly in the forward position.
For example, in the early days of the product, if your page information does not include the word solar, the customer searches the solar power bank, and your product page will not be prioritized. If we do this by using power to match the term solar bank, we find the product is highly relevant, you can add background search terms, go back to the front desk for some time to search the solar power bank, and you will find your product on the natural search page. If the word's click and conversion rate is high, the natural ranking of the word will be higher and higher.
Keyword research is the process of helping our products to find a wide range of highly relevant and accurate matching of keywords by studying the customer's extensive search habits.
Why do you want to do research on keywords

1. We can find the massive customer search key words, meet different customer search habits, expand the possibility of product system display, so as to improve the keyword ranking weight
For example, customers may search for a yoga ball: the yoga ball, exercise ball, exercise ball, fitness, yoga equipment, sometimes the customer doesn't even know the name of the product, or doesn't know what a gift to buy for a wife to do a gym equipment for home.

2. Keyword research can deepen the understanding of products, looking for customers to the potential demand for products
For example, when searching for the yoga, we found some long tail words, the anti – burst yoga, the thick yoga, and we can learn that if a big fat client presses on a fitness ball, he's worried about it. If your ball is thickened and explosion – proof, you can show this selling point in the title of the product and in BP, and at the same time, you can add a picture to show the product is deflated by a super fat guy will not explode … will attract more attention and interest from customers, which will trigger the purchase of desire.

3. Keyword research can give us some product development and development ideas
For example, when we search for power, we found that the search volume of slim power is very large. can we develop a related product?

4. Keyword research is the basis of SEO pages
The richness of product page keywords, layout location, correlation and accuracy are the key factors to be displayed and recommended by the search engine. When making the product catalog plan, we must identify the core key words, main keywords and auxiliary keywords of the product, and focus on the importance and promotion of the keywords, with some focus on the layout of these words in the various positions of the page.
For example: if we are to make a wallet phone case for an iphone 7, the product core is the iphone 7 case, and given the fierce competition in the iphone 7 case, if the big word is used to push it, it is no doubt that the egg is not taking a proper measure of the diamond. We can push the iphone 7 wallet – based layout in the top title, the iphone 7 wallet case for women, iphone 7 wallets, iphone 7 case with wallets, the iphone 7 case detachable layout in bullet point and search terms, and we can also map the related long tail words in the page description. At this point, customers are using the search habits associated with the iphone 7 wallet shell to search for products, and we are likely to be quickly and accurately matched and shown.
Many friends do the CPC at the time of roaming, or open automatic advertising, found that the conversion rate is very low to stop; Or to seize a few of the core words every day, the result is a high – acos, input – output ratio is low, income is not enough. We can do the keyword research, the highly relevant and large search words out to do manual advertising, the main tweet can be the appropriate high price, if the page is very good keyword layout, the main tweet gives a very high weight position, and then combined with the high price to push the main tweet, in the new product period, this word is very easy to put the natural ranking to the home.
How to do keyword research
1. According to personal experience
We can stand in the customer's perspective and in-depth knowledge of the product to conduct the collection, selection and exclusion of key words.
2. Reference keyword tools
Through keyword tools, we can obtain a large number of relevant keywords, make up for the lack of personal experience. At the same time, we can see the keyword search order, determine the promotion priorities, primary and secondary. For example: purple bird, surtime, merchant words …
3. Amazon search bar
The principle of Amazon algorithm is to help customers get their products faster. The recommendation keywords appear in the search bar naturally is the most recent customer search most, buy the most keywords, so can greatly shorten the customer search product thinking time, reduce the difficulty of purchase.
4. The Social Network
Overseas users are used to sharing the shopping experience in social media, and the keywords used on social media are the keywords that best fit the custom of the customer.
5. Competing products and related product page information
You can find excellent keyword elements that you don't think of at competing titles and page locations.
6. Synonym
Search engines can recommend synonyms for semantics, for example, you search for eliminate noise, and a large number of reduce may appear on the search page. But in order to make more precise matches, we can add these synonyms to our keyword library.

For example: pure / genuine / real / 100 % …
Through various methods to collect the key words, we need to carry on simple filtering, screening, classification, establish a keyword library, in the future work, according to these keywords performance of the pros and cons, excluding some of the poor performance keywords, add good performance keywords.
Do a solid keyword research foundation work, is to do a good product page and accurate and efficient CPC advertising foundation.

zwchen 2018-12-07 21:18
First, in-depth understanding of all the attributes of the product, and competitive comparison, identify the advantages and disadvantages, set reasonable prices, potential customers to investigate, understand their core needs and pain points. Combine these basic work to take pictures, make pages, and put in appropriate categories.