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Find the exact keywords used by your competitors
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Find Out Actual User Search Terms

Dig into your competitors real keywords which bring them the most traffic. The most straight forward method of optimizing keywords Save your PPC cost and boost your keywords rank

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Billions of Keywords and Products

0.8 billion keywords updated monthly. Compute each asin traffic with our proprietary algorithm. Provide detailed data of market competition and demand

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Support 9 Amazon Marketplace

Support US, Japan, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Canada. Supports 6+ months of search traffic for each ASIN. Get a deeper understanding of search habits from any market place.

Chrome Extension

  Discover high traffic keywords of competitors with one click
  Life time trials, free lookup times without any limits every month
  Unlimited keywords export, directly used to optimize Listing and PPC advertising
  Support all marketplaces in web app

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AsinSeed Video

  • The presentation of AsinSeed Web version and the usage of Chrome plug-in.
  • Introduce the meaning of traffic keywords, weight, and searches.
  • The brief of choosing and analyzing compatible products by finding the traffic keywords of the child ASIN, and identifying the core one.
  • The advanced video version will be released soon. It will include that how to use AsinSeed to optimize Listing and PPC words.




1. Updated in every 0.5-1 month.
2. Priority of update : US and Japan market and then European markets.
3. Each update is a full update, all the ASIN of one market would be updated at the same time.
1. The ASIN is Parent ASIN , it do not have listing itself, so there are no traffic keywords, you need to search the child ASIN.
2. The ASIN you entered might be affiliated with another Amazon marketplace (.COM, .CA, .MX, .CO.UK, .DE, .FR, .IT, .ES, .CO.JP, .CN, .IN)
3. The ASIN launches within the last 90 days and has not been logged with our database yet, or none of the ASIN’s keywords has good ranking yet in such a short period of time.
4. The ASIN is a seasonal product or a product with unstable ranking of keywords (such as jewelry, clothing), the ASIN performs bad when the data update.
5. The ASIN has variants. For the ASIN with variants, not all the variants have the keywords which could bring traffic to listing, a part of variants bring the traffic mainly, while the rest expose to the customer through those good performed variants instead of its own keywords( customer click the good performed variant and see the rest). So you can search more its other variants’ ASIN code in this cases, because only the good performed variants have traffic keywords.
1. Firstly, we track and analyze the keywords that the user actually searches for, and sort the massive vocabulary based by their popularity.
2. Analyze the traffic keywords of each ASIN and calculate the popularity of each traffic keyword for the ASIN.
3. It should be noted that some keywords are in the popular category of organic search keywords, but it doesn’t mean that it is popular for targeted ASIN either.
1. Choose 10+ top competitors.
2. Search and review those competitors crucial keywords.
3. Use these keywords to optimize your listing Title, Search Term, Bullet Point, Description and so on.
4. Note: you should choose some high demand and low competition keywords for your listing.
1. The keyword hot index refers to the traffic volume brought to you by the keyword to ASIN. The higher the hot index is, the higher is the traffic.
2. The traffic refers to the search volume. For example, if the user searches for "wireless charger", hot index of Page 1 is definitely greater than Page 10.
3. Low hot index does not mean that the keyword search volume is low, such as "wireless charger" found product A on page 18, for product A, Hot index may be 1 (small), but this keyword is actually a popular word.
4. When calculating the keyword hot index, we will consider the keyword search volume, competition, conversion rate, and the keyword rank of the ASIN is in the search results.
1.For free member, 10 free queries are available each month, all the search result be shown; Free members can continue to search, search result can be fully shown 2 times each day,but part of the search result can be shown after the free queries used out.
2. An account only supports one user to log in at the same time. If you need an account available for many users, please purchase a VIP package.
3. We provide to access of API, if you need this service, please contact customer service.
There are two common cause of this result.
1. Relate to the competing product by running ads. For example,searching a keyword "Bose QuietComfort 35" on Amazon, which is a hot product of Bose headset. However, the products in the Headline ads at the top of the search result page are Beats headset, because the Beats adds the keyword of competing products to run ads.
2. Relevant product recommendation. For example, if you are in the listing page of Bose headset, you will find many relevant products at that page, like headset accessories- adapter.
The keyword may be irrelavent with the target product, but the target product are certainly have relation with its competing products, in other words, they are similar products.

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